Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to your General Practitioner: 3 Top Tips


Demand to see a doctor can sometimes be high, which can make getting an appointment very tricky. And once you have secured an appointment, you may find that you do not have very long in which to explain what the problem is or to complete any tests which your GP would like to carry out. Below is a guide to some useful tips which will help you to secure and get the most out of an appointment.

2 January 2018

Important Questions to Ask About a Scheduled Surgery


If your doctor has scheduled you for surgery, he or she will no doubt go over all the details of what's needed to prepare for the procedure, and what you'll need to do to heal properly after the surgery is completed. However, there are some questions you might ask when it comes to getting yourself ready for surgery, and for ensuring the fastest recovery time possible after you go home. Note a few of those questions here, so nothing is overlooked before or after a surgical procedure.

11 December 2017